Timmins Baseball League


Player Pos Team
A Up
Jeff Amos Brewers
Ryan Anderson IF/OF Whiskey Jacks
Brett Andrews IF/P/OF Whiskey Jacks
Cole Arsenault Brewers
Miguel Audet D-Backs
B Up
Steve Banks Brewers
Collin Beach Athletics
Richard Beaulieu Athletics
Gregg Bélanger Athletics
Travis Bennett Whiskey Jacks
Brandon Bertrand Athletics
Brandon Bertrand D-Backs
Keenan Bertrand D-Backs
Alain Boissonneault D-Backs
Keegan Boissonneault D-Backs
Noah Boissonneault D-Backs
Eric Boulard Athletics
Roger Bourgeois Athletics
Brenden Bouvier D-Backs
Jesse Briand Athletics
Jessy Briand Athletics
Dustin Brown Athletics
Carson Brunet Athletics
Will Burns D-Backs
C Up
Brandon Caldarwood Athletics
Patrick Caron Whiskey Jacks
Maverick Carriere D-Backs
Brandon Cedarwall Athletics
Tim Chalmers Whiskey Jacks
Brent Cleverdon Whiskey Jacks
Brent Cleverdon IF/P Athletics
Felix Collins Chaos
Troy Columbus Athletics
Bill Cummings Athletics
Kealey Cummings Athletics
Dawson Cyr Chaos
D Up
Jamie Dallaire IF/P Whiskey Jacks
James Daschuk Brewers
Julien Deschene Athletics
Brandon Diamond Athletics
Mitch Dionne Chaos
Danny Dore Athletics
Kyle Dorscht Whiskey Jacks
Ryan Dubeau Athletics
F Up
Logan Ferrington Whiskey Jacks
Mario Filion Brewers
Adam Fortier Brewers
Kevin Furtney P/IF Brewers
Seth Furtney Brewers
G Up
Andre Gagnon Athletics
Jason Gagnon Chaos
Justin Gagnon Brewers
Nathan Gailitis Whiskey Jacks
Chad Gloster Chaos
Chris Greer IF/P/OF Whiskey Jacks
Kevin Gregory D-Backs
H Up
Bowen Harvey D-Backs
Glenn Harvey D-Backs
Patrick Hotte D-Backs
Nick Hway IF/OF Whiskey Jacks
J Up
Mat Johnston Athletics
K Up
Al Kaija Whiskey Jacks
Danny Katic OF Whiskey Jacks
Ryan Kujawinski Athletics
L Up
Brandon Labrosse Athletics
Mitch Laflamme Whiskey Jacks
Rick Lamothe Chaos
Ethan Langlais Athletics
Ethan Langlais D-Backs
JR Langlais D-Backs
Jr Langlais Athletics
Dominic Laroche Athletics
Ray Larue Chaos
Raymond Larue Chaos
Joe Lepage IF/OF Athletics
Josh Lessard Athletics
Richard Levesque Brewers
M Up
Mat Maguire Athletics
Nicolas Malette Athletics
Tyler Marcotte IF/OF Brewers
Mackenzie Marks D-Backs
Jordan McCloud Brewers
Ryan McNulty Brewers
Jessy Mignault Athletics
Jonathan Minard OF/IF Whiskey Jacks
Cedric Morin OF Brewers
N Up
Kevin Newguy D-Backs
Ashton Noel D-Backs
O Up
Joey Ouellette IF/OF Brewers
P Up
Ryan Paul Brewers
Randy Pullen Athletics
R Up
Allan Rennier Brewers
Owen Rigg IF/OF Whiskey Jacks
Mat Rocheleau Athletics
Pascale Rocheleau Athletics
Joel Rodrigue Athletics
Tyler Romain Athletics
Tyler Romain Whiskey Jacks
Rhett Roney Brewers
Darren Rowntree Whiskey Jacks
S Up
Thomas Scripnick OF/P/IF Brewers
Aaron Shaw Athletics
Andrew Silvestro Athletics
Levi Sutherland Brewers
Steven Swain OF Athletics
T Up
Christian T Chaos
Cooper Taylor Chaos
Micheal Therrien Athletics
Brendan Tremblay Athletics
Stephane Tremblay Chaos
V Up
Ethan Valliere D-Backs
Aaron Verbeek Chaos
W Up
Kevin Walker Whiskey Jacks
Zach Wilson Whiskey Jacks
Adam Wojtus Chaos